Investor Membership

ASEA believes in collaboration in order to achieve financial fulfillment. As such we have developed a membership experience for our clientele that will ensure ASEA is distinct from the competition

ASEA is committed to providing top of the line service to all those involved in the deal process. As such we have developed an membership model that will provide peace of mind to both investors and developers.

Those wishing to become ASEA clients will be asked to show their commitment with an initial membership investment. This membership investment will be used for two purposes. Part of the investment will be retained by C2 Capital as a fee for providing our Portfolio Wealth Blueprint as well as all investment advice. The advantages of a ‘membership model’ are to the mutual benefit of all parties involved as it demonstrates commitment for all those involved.

The Benefits

Through our membership service you will be exposed to pre-qualified investment opportunities that are veted by ASEA resources. You will be provided with a Portfolio Wealth Blueprint that will serve as an executional plan to your wealth creation through property. You will also, as an ASEA member be provided with investment analysis and due-diligence outcomes to quantify our recommendations.  These insights should provide you confidence in the investment activities ASEA will conduct for you.

You will have the comfort of knowing the ASEA membership buyers are pre-qualified, committed buyers. We will undergo due diligence not only on the sellers but also the buyers to ensure that those committing to our membership are indeed qualified. You will also have reassurance as to the financial capabilities of our clients in their acquisitions attempts. This will lower settlement risk and provide peace of mind.