Our Story – Why ASEA?

ASEA is an Australian and SE Asian boutique Investor focused property investment firm that focuses on delivering to our clients’ high-value real estate wealth-creation opportunities.

Founded in 2018 we are currently headquartered in Melbourne and with an office in Singapore. ASEA has a foundation team of property professionals with many years of experience in this space. We work with Investors from those just starting out in building their portfolios through to wholesale, professional and institutional investors wanting access to our unique deal flow of commercial and residential property investment opportunities.We are also part of the C2 Capital group, an alternative asset investment manager which gives ASEA a strong support structure that enables us to deliver a benchmark property investment platform and provide our Investors other alternative opportunities beyond our particular focus.

The three main focuses in our business operations are:

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Portfolio Strategies
  3. Agency Services


Our Guiding Focus

At ASEA, our guiding outcome is to provide clients with opportunities to build over time a multi- million dollar direct property portfolio which can deliver consistent passive income and sustainable capital growth. We understand that all great fortunes and investment portfolios begin with the desire to achieve that outcome. As a company, we are engaged by our clients to help them to achieve their individual dreams through the right strategies, access to off-market opportunities and the empowerment, education and support required along the way.



ASEA was founded to service the Australian property market better than existing operations, we do so through five guiding principles:


We focus on building long lasting relationships with both sides of the table as our vision is to create a community of developers and investors committed to building their wealth together.  Our clientele benefit by dealing directly with our directors and senior management. This allows all interactions and negotiations to be managed by seasoned property specialists with extensive experience and ability who understand the needs of all parties involved and will ensure that all those needs are met.


We here at ASEA are investor engaged and thanks to our involvement in the greater C2 ecosystem we understand what is important to investors. Through our deep-seated knowledge base and our long-term relationships arising from our C2 relationships, we are able to provide bespoke opportunities to investors. As such we tailor our services to suit the individuals investment requirements whilst simultaneously achieving superior returns.


ASEA’s model has investor engagement working both ways. We require our investors to pay a subscription fee as a demonstration of their commitment to creating a wealthy property portfolio. This demonstration of commitment fosters productive early-stage negotiations with developers as they see that we are dedicated to facilitating deals that are beneficial to all parties involved.


Our approach to portfolio building involves carefully crafting a Portfolio Wealth Blueprint that serves as the pathway to success. All investors involved in our membership model will be provided with a tailored blueprint that details the necessary steps to reach financial independence. This Portfolio Wealth Blueprint acts as an executional plan to wealth-creation.


ASEA benefits from the accumulated connections and relationships of our established leadership team. These connections, as well as our proprietary nature, provide us with access to off-market investments that can provide substantial gains whilst also providing security and discretion during the deal-flow process. Many of the sites we acquire are not available through your typical agency and as such the opportunity they present is unique.

In a market flooded by agency services and portfolio managers, we believe ASEA is a shining example of a holistic end-to-end firm that provides a superior experience for all stakeholders.

For more information about ASEA and investment opportunities please come along to one of our ASEA Inner Circle Cocktail Evenings  for some drinks and networking.

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